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Astronomicon was Out of This World!

Despite the ghastly snowstorm, the turnout for the first ever Astronomicon was a huge success! We were very fortunate to be a part of this special convention and it was a lot of fun meeting new people, seeing and chatting with celebrities, raffling giveaways, and so much more!

It was a disappointment that James Rolfe (aka Angry Video Game Nerd) was not able to make it. The bad weather was surely to blame. Still, we met other YouTube celebrities, I talked to Pixel Dan and it was a pleasure conversing with him and hearing his stories in person. Billy and Jay of The Game Chasers, whose YouTube channel I like to watch, were also present and I talked to Jay like there was no tomorrow. It was pretty awesome too because Jay invited us to be in the Retropalooza convention in Arlington, TX happening later this year. We can't wait to be there and exhibit our work. Aside from them we met cool people like Jordan (@PunchNPie), who bought our Harley Quinn box and mentioned us in their video.(check out the link to their video below)

It was a momentous weekend indeed. Thank you to all the people who came and supported us in this event, and we look forward to see you in our next convention!

#astronomicon #astronomicon2018 #convention #Michigan #Detroit #TheGameChasers #Retropalooza #PixelDan #PunchNPie #comiccon

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